How Alliance Property Group and Our Power Team Help You: Part 1

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In this blog we look at why and how we built a power team, and the importance of having the right team around you.

In part 2 that will be sent next week, we will share Who Is in Our Power Team?

by Gordon Campbell
December 2021

The most successful people in any area of life surround themselves with the best people.

You may have heard the famous saying that you are the result of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.

As its’ their input, feedback and behaviours that impact your life on a day-to-day basis so you can clearly see the correlation between team and success in anything you do.

A Property Power Team

In the property market, you are far more likely to achieve your aspirations and goals by working with the best team, and this is where having a property power team is essential.

These are the key people you need to have collaborating with you and working on your behalf.

What you want to achieve in the property market will dictate the sort of people you want in your team.

Therefore, you must surround yourself with those that can make it happen for you.

That is what we at Alliance Property Group do for you. We hold your hand at every stage.

How Does Alliance Property Group Help Me?

We share our 38 years of knowledge and experience as highly successful and financially free landlords and investors and share that with you.

This enables you get the right advise from the right people and buy the best off market, below market value properties in areas of continued capital growth and demand.

This creates you wealth and income.

For us to get to this stage of providing you our unique and exclusive offering, it has not come easy and overnight.

It has taken years.

And remember…….


Alliance Property Group are and have the people who are doing this, have a proven history of success and results.


We are not people who just talk about it and make themselves sound or look good and no substance.


In part 2 next week we will look at Who Is in Our Power Team? and how they help you.

Thank you for reading.

Alliance Property Group. Making a Difference