5 Good Reasons To Invest In UK Property

  • reason1

    The UK Property Shortage

    As one of the most densely populated countries in the world, the UK population is growing by 400,000 every year.
    The subsequent huge demand for houses creates the perfect climate for property investors, As buyers compete for the best assets they keep property values high.
    With many people seeking rental properties rather than owning their own home, yield growth is increasing for property investors across the country.

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    The UK has a very strong rental market

    Rental yields for well-located, high quality properties are growing fast as is the whole rental market in the UK.
    In some areas rental properties can generate yields of over 6%.

  • reason3

    The UK legal system is fair & transparent

    The UK property market is considered a safe place to invest.
    Unlike any other parts of the world, the rights of tenants, landlords, sellers and buyers are well protected under law, with a virtually non-existent risk of the property being reclaimed by the Government.

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    Property prices have increased by 100% every decade

    The long-term prospects for capital growth are very attractive, even taking into account fluctuations in property prices.
    The housing market in the UK is already becoming buoyant again, although prices did fall by as much as 40% in the years following the 2008 crash.
    Thankfully, in terms of long-term investment opportunities, UK property is continuing to out-perform all other major asset types and all evidence points to much less volatile conditions in a market which has historically doubled in price every 10 years.

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    Attractive property investment deals are available

    Following the fall in prices of some property values in the UK due to the crash, well-positioned investors have many exciting buying opportunities with many sellers offering discounts.
    Some properties are available at a discount to current market valuation, The two key strategies are buy to sell or buy to let.
    Both of these strategies can deliver long-term, low-risk returns.