Customer Testimonials

Edith and Anthony are investors from Hong Kong who came to Glasgow for an Orientation Day with us.

They bought their first property from Alliance Property Group in Glasgow which was an Off Market, Below Market Value high yield and ROI, 1 bedroom flat suitable for the Guaranteed Rent Scheme that ensures no voids in payments for 10 years.

The property was bought initially with cash and it can now be immediately refinanced, with no minimum property value for refinancing to be achieved in Glasgow.

Here is a video of Edith and Anthony sharing their experience with Alliance Property Group.

Maggie & Steven, Hong Kong

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Gordon and James from Alliance Property Group Ltd for their expertise and professionalism in helping us to purchase our first investment property in Glasgow.

During our Orientation day in August 2019, Gordon and James took us to see different areas and property types within Glasgow.  We are really lucky that we managed to secure a property deal after viewing on the Orientation day.

The Power Team recommended by Gordon and James is simply fantastic – the solicitor, builder, letting agent are all very professional and reliable.  We secured the deal in August 2019 and we received rent into our account in November 2019.  The whole process has been hassle free from day 1.

We would recommend Gordon and James to everyone who is interested to invest in property in Glasgow.  We are hoping to build a long term relationship with Gordon and James so that they can help us to expand our property portfolio in Glasgow.

Anita, Hong Kong

Information and data provided in their deal proposal was comprehensive and detailed, which save investors a lot of time in collecting information, hence facilitating quick investment decision for investors.

Gordon and James are quick in responses which made my buying process smooth and easy to secure an off market and below market value property.

And as veteran investors themselves, they know well what investor concerns most and therefore, could offer relevant advice.

Appreciated for their help and it was a great shopping experience!

Kelly Lin, Australia

“As an Investor, you want to make money in the buy right from the get-go and Alliance Property Group does exactly that. The dynamic duo, Gordon and James are extremely savvy in their scout for off-market deals that are below market value and offer a robust yield and ROI – mine is at 34% below DUV and 14% yield!

Krishna and Ranjitha, Australia

“In early 2018, my wife and I were trying to purchase our first investment property in the UK. But we had so many doubts and confusions about the whole process. Luckily we got in touch with Gordon and James who were more than happy to take us under their wings and mentor us about the business.

Rick and Sam, Australia

Rick and I purchased our very first property with Gordon James and they were brilliant. It is unnerving buying a house on the other side of the world, but APG made it as easy and as streamlined as humanly possible. We knew that at any time we could ask a question and regardless of its complexity, they had an answer.

They supported us and ‘held our hand’ throughout the entire journey, providing guidance and a step-by-step approach.

They had an amazing power team around them, which were equally helpful and understanding of our needs as we were learning.

All said and done we could not recommend them enough; you are in professional, safe hands and James and Gordon both genuinely care about our journey as investors.

T.Li from Hong Kong

“When we first wanted to sell our house, we were searching for good agents to help us with the process and embodied the follow values: professionalism, honesty and a win-win for both parties.

We found Gordon and James from Alliance Property Group who share our same values and they have a very transparent process in place with a can-do attitude. With their help, we found a buyer within 2 days and the property was completed within 4 weeks!!

Thank you very much Gordon and James. We recommend their service to you all”

Michelle Rankin, Associate Solicitor, Glasgow

I have worked with Gordon and James closely for the last two years. Gordon and James take great care with their clients and indeed their investment. They will never allow a client to proceed to purchase a property where there are any doubts whatsoever as to the condition or indeed the return of investment to the client.

I find both Gordon and James very organised, very diligent and to be very honourable and trustworthy people.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Gordon and James to my clients

Nelvin and Danny, Hong Kong

Gordon and James are without doubt the best sourcing agent I have seen in Scotland. They have tons of experience of dealing with overseas investors.

Everything with them are very systematized and professional. Since I have visited in January, they always keep me updated of the local market, Which none of the other sourcing agents have done (and I have visited 6 other).

Michelle, South Africa

“Thank you Gordon and James for excellent service thus far. Your policy of treating others in the same manner as in which you would like to be treated goes a far way in building good relationships with investors.
We have only dealt with Gordon and James for the past six months but their response time to emails and feedback to investors is extremely good. Problems are dealt with and not swept under the carpet which is much appreciated. We look forward to building our property portfolio with their assistance.”

Donald and Regitze, Switzerland

Gordon and James firmly believe in the word “Alliance”. An alliance, not only between themselves but also a very strong alliance with their clients. Since the very first meeting, they have shown professionalism, competence and great service, while continually delivering great opportunities. All of this is done with a smile and in a very trustworthy manner.

Kenneth, Hong Kong

” We purchased our first UK property in the summer of 2016. Since then, we have built up a portfolio of 3 HMOs and 2 buy-to-let. All of them were purchased through Alliance Property Group. We find Alliance a very good business partner. They gave up full support throughout the process; from sourcing to purchasing to refurbishing to letting to managing. With Alliance to back us up, we are looking to expand our portfolio further.

Thanks, APG! You guys gave up peace of mind in our investment ventures. “

Kenneth, New Zealand

With Alliance, my investments are always in good hands. They are not only professional, reliable and responsive, but also want you to be successful. As an overseas investor, Alliance helps me stay on top of the investments, bridging any issues brought by geographical limitations. I recommend Alliance to many people and all I heard back was how great they are.