Scotland landlords need to be aware of new regulation     

EPCs were first introduced for all new rented properties back in January 2009 and, those carried out that year, will be approaching the end of their 10 year lifespan. Should there be a change in tenancy for that property, then an up to date EPC will be needed.

With less than a year until new legislation surrounding energy performance certificates (EPCs) is introduced in Scotland, Scottish landlords are being urged to take note of the upcoming changes so that they can begin any necessary preparations.

  • By 1st April 2020, any new tenancies will require the property to have an EPC rating of at least band E.
  • By 31st March 2022, all rental properties brought to the market will need to have an EPC rating of at least band D
  • By 31 March 2025, all properties will need to have at least EPC band D.

Energy Efficient Scotland was launched in May last year.

Speaking at the time, the programme highlighted the Scottish government’s “clear commitment to ensuring that we tackle fuel poverty and reduce greenhouse gas emissions – helping those on low incomes as well as protecting our environment”.

Holiday Lets

Holiday Lets are no longer all exempt from EPCs. An EPC is required whenever a property is rented out unless the intention is to use the building for less than four months per year. This includes where a property is rented for holiday accommodation. If the property is subject to a rental agreement – that is, someone is paying for exclusive use of the property – then this rule will apply.

Please note: a period of four months may be a combination of individual bookings, whether for days, weeks or months. If the total is equal to, or more than one third of the year, then an EPC will be needed.


Scotland’s property standards, regulation and compliances are without doubt the best in the UK, ensuring your asset continues to be at the highest standard.

Any refurbishment that Alliance Property Group carries out meets these new EPC requirements and works are all carried out to the correct compliance and standard.