Orientation Days

Are you limited with your time?

Are you wary of going to another area for property investing?

Can you see the benefits of spending a day with an experienced property investor?

Do you want to achieve awesome results through property?

If yes then you need to attend a research day if you are serious about achieving big things through property investing. So often, people get excited and pumped about property, then months and years go by, and they lose sight of their goal and waste valuable time and effort by doing the wrong thing.

Our research days are delivered by property investors who have an extensive knowledge of Glasgow and the surrounding areas. They will share with you the knowledge they have gained over years of investing and sourcing.

Contact us today to find arrange your research day and to take the first step in building your investment portfolio.

An Orientation Day Includes:

  • 3 hours with James and Gordon
  • Meet at agreed location in Glasgow
  • In-depth look at your plan and strategy
  • 2 to 3 property viewings
  • Overview of Glasgow and Scotland as an investment location
  • Discuss and review the properties and financials of the properties viewed
  • Plan the forwards strategy
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