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8 GreatReasons to Invest in Glasgow Property


The Property Shortage

The UK is one of the most densely populated countries in the world with the population growing by 400,000 every year. The huge demand for houses creates the perfect climate for property investors. As buyers compete for the best assets, they keep property values high.

With many people seeking rental properties rather than owning their own home, yield growth is increasing for property investors across the country.

Scotland’s housing crisis shows no sign of easing after research by the BBC found there was a 5,000 shortfall in the number of new homes built last year. The figure rises to 7,000 if the extra homes needed to catch up with the backlog are included.

This pressure on prices is why Alliance Property Group’s ability to offer ‘off market’ properties at low prices is so beneficial to investors.


The UK Legal System is Fair & Transparent

The UK property market is considered a safe place to invest.

Unlike any other parts of the world, the rights of tenants, landlords, sellers and buyers are well protected under law, with a virtually non-existent risk of the property being reclaimed by the Government.

Scottish property law is more favourable for the purchaser than property law in other parts of the UK.


Property Prices have increased by 100% every decade

The long-term prospects for capital growth are very attractive, even taking into account fluctuations in property prices.

In terms of long-term investment opportunities, UK property is continuing to out-perform all other major asset types. All evidence is pointing to much less volatile conditions in a market which has historically doubled in price every 10 years.

In 2019, Glasgow enjoyed the UK’s fastest growing house prices, which is great news if you can buy at lower than average below-market prices through Alliance Property Group.


Ongoing Economic Investment with growing market confidence

Whilst many property markets around the world are currently struggling, the UK real estate market offers rare optimism, which is being felt most strongly in Scotland, particularly in Glasgow.

Scotland has not suffered from the unstable price swings experienced by the rest of the UK.

The Glasgow property market, driven by its economic growth, has enjoyed 9.9% GVA economic growth over the past five years. This exceeds the Scottish average of 8.4% and is set to continue, with growth expected to reach 7.2% over the next five years.

Through Alliance Property Group, serious investors can buy property at a discount and watch their investment grow as property prices rise, resulting in equity growth for the future.

Our business model enables us to secure low priced properties and offer them to our exclusive clients.


Glasgow Property Prices Fastest Accelerating in the UK

Data from the Scottish Institution of Civil Engineers for National Statistics recently revealed that property prices in Scotland rose 14.6% year-on-year, outpacing traditional investor hot spots like London.

Glasgow has the UK’s highest gross rental yields at 7.2%, compared to London at 4.3%, and house prices and average rents are expected to grow by 4% a year through to 2020.


Buyer Demand Outpacing Supply

Due to the continued shortage of property in Glasgow, competition is rife amongst buyers.

The lack of supply coupled with the increase in demand, both domestic and international buyers are competing for the best available properties.

There is potentially a shortfall of over 11,000 homes over the next five years within the city, excluding any historic undersupply, enhancing investors’ rent and capital growth.


Better Affordability in Glasgow

For many investors, particularly from overseas, London is the go-to location in the UK for property investment. But it has become an increasingly difficult time for investors to get into the market in the British capital, whilst rocketing prices are seriously eating away at overall returns. The average property price in London is over twice of that in Glasgow.

With property prices averaging half of London, and the fact that Glasgow is being seen as the new location of choice for corporate and property investment, Glasgow is witnessing a range of investment activity in the residential property market. All this means prices are affordable now but they will not stay low for long.

Now is the best time to invest in Alliance Property Group’s Glasgow.


Social Housing and Highest Yield Returns

Due to the better affordability and demand, Greater Glasgow offers one of the highest rent yield returns for property in the UK. That, combined with high demand for social housing by a council that can't keep up with demand, makes it very attractive for all types of investors.

We have been trialling our unique Social Housing Investment Opportunity (SHIO) since the middle of 2020. This extensive trial process was critical to ensure we had the right location, organisations, people, processes and procedures in place to make it work 100% successfully.

To find out how to make it happen, just click here


  • Entry level prices for property
  • Hands free investment supported by our complete Power Team
  • Finance available and no minimum value
  • Direct rent payments every month,
  • Open market rent levels
  • Full repair and maintenance contract
  • You can take the property back at any stage and it will be returned in the same condition it was given
  • Making a positive social difference and a secure, prosperous long term investment
  • To find out how to make it happen, just click here

We can Help You to Make it Happen

Following the fall in prices of some property values in the UK due to the crash, well-positioned investors have many exciting buying opportunities with many sellers offering discounts.

Given the competitiveness of today’s property market, Alliance Property Group provides a unique tailor-made service that offers investors a competitive advantage. The properties, portfolios, land, and developments that we offer are unique because they are all genuine Off-Market, below market value and direct to vendor.

This provides our investors exclusivity in the service we provide and the assurance that we intimately understand every investment we sell, ensuring that all the financials in the investment proposals are very accurate. This enhances the smooth and seamless process in the personal service we provide.

We have substantial and detailed knowledge of the locality and the salient points that may affect the property or its development.

We are committed to not only finding you the best investments but providing you with a constant support and management service at every stage of your project.

  • Total peace of mind that your investment is being managed by a team of honest, ethical, hard-working individuals, who will draw on their wealth of trusted and reliable contacts.
  • Our long-established Power Team consists of mortgage brokers, financial and tax accountants, solicitors, refurbishment or development teams, letting agents and any other bespoke service that may be required.
  • We ensure any investment purchase runs smoothly, on time and on budget. We hold your hand at every stage of the process as much or as little as you require. Maximising your returns is at the forefront of our business goals.

Alliance Property Group’s business is built on reputation and personal recommendation, which is why you will find our client-focused service is first class and really makes a difference.



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