Social Housing Investment

This is a unique Social Housing opportunity to make your income and wealth jump several steps - and we can even help you to refinance it.


Beginner or experienced, this is for everyone...

We have been trialling our unique Social Housing Investment Opportunity (SHIO) since the middle of 2020. This extensive trial process was critical to ensure we had the right location, organisations, people, processes and procedures in place to make it work 100% successfully - that is critical.

It takes lots of planning, coordination and organising, for all parties involved, to all be committed and focused on the plan - but the benefits for everyone involved are great. This is a strategy for us all to give back and Make a Difference.


social housing investment benefits


Social housing in Scotland is housing owned and managed by public authorities (mainly councils) and housing associations (registered social landlords or RSLs). These organisations are not able to meet all the number of social housing required, so the Private Rented Sector (PRS) i.e. Private investors like you to help with the shortfall required. 

At its height, in the mid-70s, 54 per cent of Scotland’s homes were council-owned (68 per cent in Glasgow). But about 40 years ago, the Government created the Right to Buy legislation resulting in one and a half million council homes being sold across the UK. With one built for every three sold, Scotland lost half a million council house properties.


The Scottish Government had set a target of 50,000 new affordable homes, 35,000 of them for social rent, before the end of 2022.  But the target will not be met resulting in a constant shortfall of social housing. That shortfall is believed to be around 31,000 in Scotland (18,000 of that is in Glasgow and surrounding areas). There never will be enough social housing in Scotland - this is why the social housing requirements will continue to be supported by the Private Rented Sector, and investors like you.

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Who Needs Social Housing?
those who have long-term ill health
people not able to work
someone who has left hospital or care
they could be escaping a violent or abusive erelationship
maybe suffered an action by their lender and lost their home

The best opportunities for social housing investment can be found in the local authority area of Inverclyde, e.g. Gourock, Greenock and Port Glasgow. Inverclyde is a popular area with excellent amenities of transport (main road and rail networks to Glasgow 25 minutes away), colleges, schools, leisure and retail. 

This area will show strong continued growth and demand for properties, has a wide and diverse local economy of pharmaceutical, finance, specialist engineering and a major shipping terminal and port.

Common Features of All Properties Sold by Alliance Property Group
off-market and exclusive to Alliance Property Group and you
direct to vendor
strong discounts of between 20% to 50% below market value
yields of 13% to 22%
in areas of demand for either private rented market or social
all properties can be refinanced individually or collectively refinanced.
all are in areas of strong demand, amenities, capital growth, rental and sales demand
the rent is paid direct from the council to the letting agent
rents are very similar or better than the private rented sector

We have successfully helped over 1,000 investors since 2007 in buying, refurbishing and renting the properties through our One Stop Shop Solution Strategy.


This strategy will make your wealth, income and legacy jump several steps.


And remember........we hold your hand at every stage of the process.


We are always here for you.


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    *Please note: This is not The Guaranteed Rent Scheme that only operates in the Glasgow City boundary.This is a different opportunity - and equally as great!