2020 Winter Market Update

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Alliance Property Group Welcomes in 2020 and Winter Market Update A Happy New Year to everyone. As we head into a new decade we reflect on 2019 and also to what continued opportunities we offer our investors in 2020.

It has been another strong 2019 for Alliance Property Group.

We have helped 100s of overseas investors secure off market, below market value BTL properties with high yields, returns and with a unique investment opportunity offering Guaranteed Rent all despite the property market in Glasgow continuing to be the strongest in the UK.

We love what we do - sharing our 35 years’ experience and enabling to further help investors to achieve their property and financial goals by investing in a solid investment strategy, building a portfolio, legacy, long term relationships and making a difference. That, combined with our The Alliance Property Group Difference service, we enable investors to enjoy creating wealth and income through property.

Our investors in 2019, many now repeat clients and an increasing number of referrals, highlights our commitment to continually delivering a quality service and building long term relationships.

Another year of growth predicted during 2020

The continued growth we have seen throughout 2019 is set to continue during 2020, with our unique personal approach, one stop solution, trust and transparency in every step in what we do which allows investors to buy quality property investments.

We will continue to:

  • Deliver the highest level of customer service
  • Provide quality before quantity
  • Provide entry level priced, Off Market and Below Market Value Properties
  • Provide the right property, in the right location, at the right price at the right time
  • Enhance and expand the Guaranteed Rent Scheme offering
  • Share our 35 years’ experience and One Stop Solution
  • Access to our highly experienced, dedicated and professional Power Team
  • Access to finance for all property with no minimum value on the lending value
  • Keep everything we do simple

We will be sharing some very exciting news soon on the Guaranteed Rent Scheme that we have been working on for the last 2 years. This will further ensure more, regular, entry-level priced and quality properties for the GRS with increased yields and returns. Watch this space!!

We are also currently updating our brochure to be online and interactive, the website will have a new look and will also be linked to our CRM database. This will further enhance the investors whole experience in how we share, update and provide information and properties on a more regular and efficient way. Exciting times and watch this space!

Glasgow’s outstanding property results during 2019

The outlook for the Glasgow property market looks very positive, and we expect the upward trend in house prices across the region to continue. Greater Glasgow’s diverse economy contributed to 29% of Scotland’s economic output in 2017. It accounts for 28% of Scottish companies and 34% of the country’s jobs. Glasgow itself is Scotland’s largest city and with more foreign direct investment than any other Scottish city, it is considered to be one of the top 10 large global cities of the future, according to fDi Intelligence. The strength of the local and diverse economy in Glasgow, as below, and affordable housing, makes Glasgow the Buy to Let Capital of the UK.

  • 1.8m people live in the Greater Glasgow Metropolitan Area
  • 4th Largest city in the UK
  • 2nd Financial Capital of the UK
  • 2nd Best Shopping Destination in UK
  • Leading city for Medical Research, Space Technology, IT, Renewable Energy
  • Leading International Sport, Conference and Concert Venue
  • Continued massive infrastructure and jobs growth. 30,000 new jobs in next 3 years.

Glasgow - Award Winning City

In recent weeks Glasgow has received a number of accolades which demonstrate its world class standing as a dynamic, 21st-century city. They include:

  • European Capital of Sport
  • Cultural and creative ‘centre’ of UK
  • Europe’s Best City for New Graduates
  • Top five global destination for sustainable business and tourism
  • 2nd Best shopping destination in the UK after London o Best city in UK for millennials to live and work in Brexit and the recent UK elections.

The 2019 election is over, and the Conservatives have won a majority of 80 seats. Brexit has been passed by Parliament after 3 years of delays and the UK can now move forwards with more confidence, decisiveness, bold and ambitious plans to further enhance the strength of the economy.

About 32 million votes were cast in this election. The turnout was 67.3% of registered voters, which represents a 1.5% drop on the 2017 general election. The Conservatives won the most seats - 365 - and also the biggest share of votes, 45%, or about 13.9 million. Labour, who are in second place, have won 203 seats and a 32.2% share, or about 10.3 million votes. The UK's first-past-the-post voting system means the parties with the most votes may not win the most seats.

Scotland The Scottish National Party got 1,242,000 votes and 48 seats. The other parties of Conservative, Labour and Lib Dems – The Unionist Parties (wanting to keep the UK together)- got a combined 1,468,224 votes and 11 seats.

Scotland still has no appetite for independence. The Conservative party had it in their manifesto it will not be granted. The SNP will continue their grievance on wanting independence but as the majority in Scotland want the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to get on with the day job and run the country of Scotland.


Looking ahead, as buyers and sellers now have the outcome of the general election and Brexit, any pauses that have been caused in the market is expected to return with confidence and a renewed surge. The pound has shown signs of strengthening following the election result, while the economic fundamentals such as employment and real wage growth will help to underpin confidence.

The greater certainty in the outlook – for households, businesses and housebuilders – should in turn lead to notable increases in house prices, housing transactions and housing starts across all regions of the UK. There is also expected to be an uptick in investment activity in the student and multifamily sectors.

In Scotland, the key fundamentals of quality of life, good schools and economic growth in the Glasgow will continue to drive the strong local markets for demand. Scotland and Glasgow will outperform the rest of the country, according to Savills.


Alliance Property Group are very confident that 2020 will be another strong year for investors buying in the Greater Glasgow area, with right property in the right area at the right price combined with the strong demand for rented properties and rent levels, creating ideal conditions for investors looking to invest in a secure growing market. Alliance Property Group pride themselves in the strong reputation and repeat business we have developed, and it is done by the moral, ethical and highly customer focused boutique investment property service whilst developing long term relationships with our clients.