Alliance Property Group: Market Review Q1 2022

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We look in detail of the current economic, house price trends and rental demand in the UK and Glasgow, and the reasons for the continuing huge demand and growth.

by Gordon Campbell
March 2022


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Despite the continuing property demand at all levels of the market for sales and rent, and a lack of open market supply to meet demand, we at Alliance offer you a unique and exclusive offering, with all our properties. They are all:


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Economic Indicators

  • The UK economy remains very resilient and robust:

          UK growth of 6.5%.


  • Economic growth forecast in Glasgow of 10.5% in 2022


  • Unemployment rate was 3.9% in February


  • The Glasgow and surrounding area sales and rental market continues to be in very high demand:

         12.3% capital growth in last 12 months

  • Our main focus areas that we offer properties to you are one of the highest capital growth areas in the UK:

         Inverclyde has annual 13.9% increase

UK House Prices and Demand

The average British home now costs £354,564, according to property website Rightmove, marking the first time asking prices have risen above £350,000.


It came as homeowners increased their price tags by 1.7pc to an average of £5,760 in March, the largest monthly rise during spring since 2004.


There were more than twice as many buyers as sellers in March, the biggest mismatch between supply and demand in any spring.

Demand outstrips supply

The housing supply required to meet the demand sadly isn’t there and this is a trend that will continue to appear throughout 2022, barring an unexpected change.


The number of available homes for sale was down 26.4% in July compared to 2020’s average level of stock.


The UK Government is aiming to get 300,000 new homes buillt every year to match demand and keep housing costs affordable.


250,000 were built in 2021, the highest rate in a decade.


The under supply compared to demand has been the situation for decades.


It will never bet met in our opinion and there will always be more demand than supply of houses to buy and rent.


UK Rental Overview

The UK has faced a persistent shortage of new housing, adding to soaring house-price growth, with many people being forced to rent for longer.


The number of households in the UK private rented sector increased from 2.8 million in 2007 to 4.5 million in 2017.

The UK will need nearly 230,000 new rental homes A YEAR to avoid a shortfall if the current growth in demand continues, according to a new forecast.

Private rented sector supply will have to increase by 227,000 homes A YEAR to meet the demand for 1.8 million new households over the next decade, according to analysis by the consultancy Capital Economics.

Rental Demand in Glasgow and Metropolitan Area

The continued growth in the Glasgow and Greater Glasgow areas economy and with more people looking to rent, demand for rental property has been booming.

That is combined with lower stock availability for properties due to the immensely strong on market sales demand from buyers.

In the RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) residential market survey tenant demand levels in Scotland are second only to London.

The result for the rental demand in Glasgow is the Time To Let (TTL) numbers have reduced dramatically down 14 days on average.


With the supply and demand in on market property we have right now, sellers are often able to charge over the odds for their property because there are just so many people looking for one.

That is unlikely to change any time soon.

The property market is not as volatile as markets for other investment vehicles.

If you know what to look for, you cannot be caught out like with other investments.

If you want to achieve your property goals more quickly and you want a trusted partner to do that with, we are here to help.

Whenever you are ready to talk about your property investing goals, send us an email and we can arrange to set up a call.

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