Bricks and Mortar versus Other Investments

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We get asked our thoughts on other investment strategies apart from property.

Here is a few thoughts for you on that.

written by Gordon Campbell
15th June 2021


We get asked our thoughts on other investment strategies apart from property.

Here is a few thoughts for you on that.


In our last blog we shared the strength of the property market and how the main areas we focus on,  Inverclyde, has one of the highest price growth areas in the UK at 13.9% in the last 12 months. (click link to open)


Always Looking Ahead

No surprise to us on the growth. That is why we focused on that area 2 years ago as we saw the potential..

At Alliance Property Group we are always looking well ahead to what area and strategy will be the best for investing in.

When we started Alliance Property Group 7 years ago, Glasgow City was that area.

Prices and rental demand in Glasgow have grown hugely in that time.

That has given 100s of investors a creation of wealth and income.

We now focus on Inverclyde as we truly believe that will be the same as Glasgow has proven to be, and already we are seeing the benefits from our focus and strategy.

More is to come, and with our growing network and recognition in Inverclyde there is some potential and exciting new strategy opportunities being discussed.

All of the above does not happen through luck.

It is down to our 38 years’ experience, knowledge, expertise, reputation and our network.


With house price inflation remaining steadier than other kinds of investments in recent years, it might not be as headline-grabbing as Cryptocurrencies, but it does offer the sort of consistent appreciation not seen with a number of other commodities.

Many look to bricks and mortar as a long term investment, rather than a high-risk pump and dump due to the consistency with house price inflation, there are far worse investments to make.

Unlike other commodities, e.g. gold, silver, crypto, stocks/shares, art etc., if you purchase a home as a buy-to-let landlord you’re able to recoup costs in the form of rental income from tenants.

That’s not to say that investing in property has its downsides.

Being a homeowner also comes with costs of course.

You may have for example - whether the boiler breaks down or you need to make repairs to the roof.


Alternative Investments/Crypto Currency

"As safe as houses..."


Yup. Heard that one.


"As safe as Crypto..?"


Can't say I've heard that before.


Nothing wrong with investing in crypto or any other investment...


How about choosing to truly focus on an area of expertise, learn everything you can about it, pull it apart, and master it.



Whatever you plan to go invest in, Property, Crypto, anything...

You'll never succeed if you don't fully understand it.

If there's a 'Market', it's living and breathing. It changes constantly.

But at least your Property investments won't crumble from an Elon Musk Tweet right?

Here's the real lesson...

When investing in Property, you MUST have a solid investment criteria and do your due diligence in order to mitigate risk and assure your upside.

Work and surround yourself with the right people who you can trust.

And who have a proven track record of results and success and where property is their only focus.

You must think long term.

That is what we have done in our combined 38 years as successful award winning landlords and investors.

That is why we set up Alliance Property Group:

To help you achieve that success.

To share that unrivalled high level of service, expertise, experience and genuine off market, below market high yield and cash flow deals that create you long term wealth and income.

Thank you for taking the time to read and we are always happy to help where we can.

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