House prices see biggest monthly price and demand for 20 years and what is ahead for 2022?

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We look at the reasons for the continued strong market and whats ahead for property in 2022 and what we do gives you a leading edge.

by Gordon Campbell
March 2022

Here's some interesting facts from the current property market:


Demand from potential buyers increased by 49% in January 2022.


House prices rose at a yearly rate of 7.4%, taking the average price of a UK home to £242K


The increase in buyers was level with the record levels of interest seen during the stamp duty holiday.


The market appears yet again to have defied the odds: not just surviving but positively thriving.

The number of house sales in the UK it is up 24.3% in January compared to October 2021.

Why Is the Market Continue To Be So Strong in Glasgow?

  • Demand is very high to buy properties sold by estate agents in the Glasgow area.

  • There is a lack of on market stock available to buy and to rent

  • Rental demand is huge at all levels

  • The local economy is booming in Glasgow and Metropolitan Area

How Do We See the Market In 2022?

We expect on market sales by estate agents to continue facing a market shortage and spikes in buyer demand, while viewing requests for any property coming onto the market will remain very strong.

The phenomenal growth in estate agents/on market demand over the past 18 months looks set to continue.

Lettings will continue to see increases in rental yield due to a lack of available stock, with landlords reaping the rewards of increased demand, and upward pressure on capital value.

What Advantage Do I have with Alliance Property Group Deals I Receive?

This has been mentioned on our blogs to why the demand is so high and why on market properties are so high.

Why Does the Glasgow Property Market and Economy Give You the Leading Edge? (Open link)

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