Is What We Do For You Easy?

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We have been told what we do for our investors is easy.

Is it and how do we do it?

by Gordon Campbell
August 2021

We were told recently that what we do is made to look easy!

It was a compliment


Yes, it may appear that way now but….


It took a lot of hard work for it to become to look easy…



We both started in property a long time ago and like most; with no knowledge, no money and no resources.


We both started in property at different times, different strategies, different circumstances and with different experiences.


That difference is what us both working together so great and why we set up Alliance Property Group in 2014.


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We are both are financially free and love what we do in Alliance.


That is why we do what we do and set up Alliance Property Group in 2014.


And to share our 38 years of experience, knowledge and expertise with you create a portfolio, wealth and income.

We have now done that for over 1000 investors.


What We Do Now

It has taken over 20 years of being investors, landlords, sourcing and packaging deals as well as....


  • Building a large network of reliable contacts and relationships
  • Fine-tuning processes and systems that work
  • Building a reliable power team that we can trust
  • Long hours, sacrifices and hard lessons


It took a lot of work for the opportunities to come to us, and we are grateful for it.


It now allows us to show and share with you the unique offering that Alliance Property Group gives you.

And to do what we have done in a fraction of the time.


What we do is everyone.

Beginner or experienced.

In the next blog we will share more about Why Invest in Alliance Property Group properties we offer.

Thank you for reading.

Gordon and James