Why We Only Get and Sell The Best Off Market Properties For You

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We share why we only sell off market properties and the huge benefits it gives to you.

by Gordon Campbell


Further our recent blog, How Does Alliance Get Off Market Properties, this explains why we only sell off market properties.

How We Source Properties For You (click link to open)


It is a decision by us to only sell off market, below market value and high yield properties.

Being in a position to do that every week does not happen overnight and takes years to develop, nurture and establish.

It is a very unique, powerful and privileged position for Alliance Property Group to be in to be able to do and offer to you, the investor. .

  • It is because of the 38years’ experience, expertise and knowledge we have.
  • It is the powerful network we have.
  • It is the strong reputation we have.
  • It is the respected and very fair and moral way we do business with everyone.
  • It is complimented by the strong partnering team we have around us.


That is why we:

  • Only sell the right properties
  • In the right place
  • At the right price
  • With the right demand for rent and or eventual resale.
  • We hold your hand at every stage of the buying, renovating and letting process.
  • A One Stop Solution.
  • We build long term relationships with you and all our clients.


The is the foundation of everything we do and will continue to do.


And to pass all of the unique offering of these properties and knowledge to you, every week, the most important person.

You. The customer.


So here are further and detailed reasons we only sell off market properties and do not offer a service of securing properties some customers pass to us that are seen online.


Why We Do Not Sell Open Market Properties.


The main and important reasons are:

  • Properties advertised online at a price is not the asking price.


  • In Scotland, properties are advertised at Offers Over price e.g. if advertised at £40,000 it will probably sell for above the Home Report valuation and will be about £50,000


  • On market properties offer no discount off their market value as they go well over the asking price due to the market demand for properties and buyers are willing to pay above Home Report value for them. 


  • On market properties, apart from having to put an offer in and no guarantee of securing it, there will be many offers for that property.


  • There will be many people arranging to view and offer on the property, 12 is an average of viewings or offers. 


  • On market properties have to be viewed at a time and a day the estate agent says it is. You don’t have a choice.


  • That then enables the estate agent to create some ‘hype’ around the property and get people to actively offer more for the property.


  • A huge amount of time and work has to go into organising, viewing and offering to purchase with zero guarantee of securing the property.


  • People who secure these type of properties may be investors or sourcing agents, will pay too much for them, as they as desperate to secure a property, they are likely to be inexperienced and are only buying or passing on a problem to themselves or their client!


Why We Only Sell Off Market Properties

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, here is the factors that make what we do unique and very efficient, to ensure we give the best overall service to you.

  • We are direct to vendor
  • There is no estate agent or third parties to hold up and complicate the process..
  • We negotiate very strong discounts that are not available with on market properties.
  • We ensure a smooth and seamless conveyancing process.
  • We do 95% of the work for as we recently sent on one of our blogs How We Source Properties For You (click link to open)


Every property we send out to you can have the guarantee that:


  • We have seen and been in the property
  • We know the property in detail
  • We have secured the best price and will be below market value.
  • The costs on the deal proposal are very accurate
  • There is no hidden surprises or costs in any property we sell.
  • It will be the right property, right area, right strategies, right demand for rent and for any future exit strategy.



In everything we do ensures your time is not wasted.

We have a proven track record of helping international investors.

There is no fuss.

We don’t just talk about it. We do it. 


There is no BS in anything we say or do.         


Our One Stop Solution, sharing our 38 years knowledge, experience, processes and partnering team, provides the highest levels of efficiency and service for you.

And, you get great off market, below market value properties with great results, cash flow and yield.


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