Why Do I Need a Home Report/ Survey Report?

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We look at when and why a Home Report is required when buying a property in Scotland and from Alliance Property Group.

By Gordon Campbell
3rd March 2021



We look at the reasons when and why a Home Report is required when buying a property in Scotland and from Alliance Property Group.

Do I need to pay for a Home Report if the property is Off Market?


It is not a requirement for a vendor/seller of a property if selling a property off market.


It is the responsibility of the buyer to get and pay for a Home Report.


As the majority of the properties Alliance sells are off market, Home Reports are not provided.


Are Home Reports provided by properties advertised on the open market?



It is a legal requirement for a vendor and estate agent to provide a HR and the buyer does not need to pay for a HR.


Why do Alliance sometimes have Home Reports for properties they send?

Although the properties we sell are off market and it is not the requirement for the seller to provide a home report, sometimes the vendor gets a home report done on the property to verify its value and condition.

That is why sometimes we send a HR when sending out off market properties.


Can Alliance Property Group help me get a Home Report?


We use RICS surveyors and due to the volume of the business we pass to them, we get favourable prices for a Home Report and substantially cheaper that you would get on the open market.


The cost of a HR through us is approximately £264.

That is about £150 cheaper than an open market HR cost and that saving is passed on to you.


What is a Home Report?

Home Reports as they are known in Scotland, provide buyers, solicitors and mortgage lenders with a clear market valuation of residential property on the open market for sale and give detailed information on the condition of the property.


The surveyor will assess items such as: the size of your home, insulation, lighting, boilers, hot water tanks, radiators and windows.


Here is a link to a sample and blank HR document- Sample Home Report (click link to open).


A Home Report comprises three separate reports these are:-

1: The Single Survey

The single survey reports on the condition of property, gives a valuation and mortgage valuation of the property and gives accessibility information for people with particular needs.

The surveyor will visit your property to carry out an inspection of a wide range of matters, some of which are:

  • Dampness/rot/timber/infestation
  • Ceiling/walls/cracking
  • Problems with the roof
  • Alterations
  • Outbuildings/communal areas/boundaries

The surveyor will give an overall opinion of the state of repair and condition of the property and will rank various areas that have been inspected from 1 - 3.

  1. No immediate repair required
  2. Future repairs may be required
  3. Urgent repairs required

2: The Energy Performance Certificate


The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) shows information about a properties energy use and typical energy costs.


It also assesses the properties environmental impact and will give recommendations on how to make the property more energy efficient.


The EPC will remain valid for a period of 10 years.

Link to a sample Energy Performance Report – Sample Energy Performance (click link to open)

3: The Property Questionnaire

The property questionnaire is completed by the seller giving an overview of useful information such as the properties Council Tax band, parking conditions, factoring information, issues of flooding, damp or rot and any alterations that have been made.

Link to sample Property Questionnaire Report – Sample Property Questionnaire (click link to open)





Home Reports are a fundamental and important part of the Scottish property market.

They are one of the reasons why property in Scotland are in a better condition to other parts of the UK as detailed in our blog What is The Difference In The Property Market Between Scotland and England? (click link to open)


They are they to protect you, give you confidence in the property you are buying.

We are here to help and protect you and that is why we insist on a Home Report being done for the property you are buying.