Why Does the Glasgow Property Market and Economy Give You the Leading Edge?

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We share in detail why the Glasgow property market remains one of the strongest in the UK due to its strong and diverse economy.

by Gordon Campbell
February 2021

We share and dig into more of the specifics to why this and why we regularly state on our blogs that the Glasgow property market remains one of the strongest in the UK due to its strong and diverse economy.

And creates wealth and income to investors who buy from us.


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What About Glasgow Property?

There are very few cities in the UK with so much economic diversity and is why it is an area of great attraction for business and investors.

That was highlighted recently in our blog Your Detailed Alliance Property Group Market Review: Q4 2021 (click link to open)


As a result, the property numbers speak for themselves.


  • The UK and Glasgow economies remain resilient: UK growth of 6.5%.


  • Growth of 7% in Scotland and forecast of 10.5% in 2022


  • The Glasgow and surrounding area sales and rental market continues to be in   very high demand:

         12.3% in last 12 months

  • Our focus area is Inverclyde, one of the metropolitan areas of Glasgow and one of the highest capital growth areas in the UK:

         Inverclyde had annual 13.9% increase in 2021.

Glasgow’s Historical Background

A city shaped by its proud heritage in science, engineering and design.

It is the engine of the country’s economy and the world’s original creative capital.

It is ambitious, innovative and entrepreneurial - a city internationally recognised for its openness, resilience, trust and friendliness.

It now ranks in the UK’s top two most attractive technology locations and is a natural focus for the knowledge economy.

Glasgow and Its Metropolitan Area

The Central Belt Region (including Glasgow and Edinburgh) is collectively home to 3.5m people, making it one of the 20 largest urban regions in Europe.


Glasgow City Region’s position as the largest integrated economic region in Scotland is well established with around a third of Scotland’s output, business base, research power and employment.

It is one of the largest city region economies in the United Kingdom and is now firmly established as a global business destination.

What About Glasgow’s Economy?

As the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow has become one of the most popular places to live, not only in Scotland but in the entire UK.

Glasgow is a modern city, with a vision to create a thriving and inclusive economy where everyone can flourish and benefit from its successes.

Glasgow is committed to creating a working life where ‘Fair Work’ drives success, wellbeing and prosperity for individuals, businesses, organisations and society.

As Scotland’s most populated city and the United Kingdom’s fourth, Glasgow offers vast potential for businesses to tap into, including access to an abundance of talent, collaborative networks, and flourishing tech and creative communities.

According to Tech Nation, the city is among the top three fastest-growing tech investment hubs in the UK.

Central to this success is the high level of sector diversification that exists within the city’s strong and growing business and technology base, supported by a highly skilled and experienced workforce.

Glasgow has been through a very clear cycle of growth and diversification, rapidly growing its jobs base, halving its unemployment rate, and honing strengths in high productivity sectors such as finance and business services, the creative industries and life sciences, transforming the city region into a powerful economic engine.

This trend is forecast to continue, with the wider metropolitan area expected to secure nearly half of all new Scottish jobs over the next decade.

Glasgow’s Talent

Glasgow attracts major international companies because they are able to recruit and retain key staff from a highly-skilled workforce. 

Glasgow has a consistent track record of developing, attracting and retaining talent, an education system that is highly responsive in preparing the next generation of the workforce via multiple routes, and a high share of people working in higher-level occupations.  

The city has one of the most highly skilled and flexible workforces in Europe:

That strength also stands up to international comparison with Glasgow ranking in the top 15% of European regions.

Glasgow is establishing itself as a knowledge city.

The city has a strong performance in cultivating high level skills, and produces nearly 34,500 graduates from a pool of more than 185,000 students spanning 140 countries.

The city is also ranked top in the UK for retaining its graduates once they have completed their degrees (51%) not least through a combination of a high disposable income and the UK’s most affordable major housing market.

Environment and Sustainability

With ambitions to become one of the most sustainable cities in Europe and a growing reputation as a smart city, Glasgow is a city where business, sport and international culture flourish.

Glasgow’s improving social capital and working environment means the city’s millennial appeal is at an all-time high because of its ability to meet the needs and preferences of early-career mobile workers.

Low housing and living costs, together with high internet speeds and high levels of openness, social cohesion and inclusivity allow the city to differentiate itself from its peers.

As a result, Glasgow ranks as the fourth best city for Quality of Life in the UK.

From top events, attractions and cultural festivals to the city's iconic music venues, a diverse and award-winning food and drink scene and the largest retail destination in the UK outside of London, there is plenty to keep everyone entertained.

Over 90 parks and gardens, city cycling routes, the River Clyde, and the Clyde and Forth Canal, offers urban tranquillity as well as the welcome buzz of a city.

Beyond Glasgow’s thriving urban social scene, it is the perfect base to explore Scotland. Stunning scenery in the form of rolling hills, glens and lochs are reachable within half an hour’s drive of the city centre and outdoor sports such as hillwalking, hiking and mountain biking are popular weekend pursuits.



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