Your July 2021 Market Update

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We update you with the current property market, trends as well as the challanges and opportunities on offer.

Thank You


Firstly, we would like to take a moment to say thank you to all our clients all over the world.


Thank you for your continuous support that has made our business recognised, appreciated, and recommended to new clients.


It is truly appreciated.


Despite a very strong market, we give you a unique and exclusive offering:


The properties are always:

  • Off market and exclusive to Alliance Property Group and you.
  • At the right price
  • In the right location
  • At the right refurbished condition and compliance
  • Always the right demand for rent and or eventual resale.
  • And with strong capital growth.


That combined with honest feedback, up-to-date information and sharing our 38 years’ experience, knowledge and expertise as award winning landlords and investors to help you create a legacy, wealth, and income.


Operational Update


At time of writing this, nearly 90% of the population have been vaccinated with 55% having had 2 doses.

The UK has some regionalised/localised and varied degrees of restrictions, hospitality still with the most limitations but by and large it is very much business as normal.


The UK employment levels are expected to reach pre COVID levels by next month. well ahead of forecasts and expectations!


The UK continues to have high levels of investment especially manufacturing, and testimony to companies to the country's belief in the economy despite the recent political and economic changes.

In our May Market Update blog, (click link to open) we highlighted the growth of the UK economy in detail as it bounces back post Covid.

Businesses have been working at a lower than normal capacity for the last 18 months.

But now that strong bounce back is certainly being seen and felt at all levels of daily life now and in businesses.


With the various government stimulus packages, savings made by the nation in the last 18 months (expected to be £185 billion pounds!) and low interest rates, and with the economy opening up, this has created a huge spike in spending, demand on products and services.

This has a lot of positive effects, but also some challenges as well.


The Challenges

For a long while everyone who was working during Covid and who was not furloughed that we spoke to were busy.

That has now compounded further.

From a lower than normal working capacity (apart from the property sector), most businesses have seen an immediate spike and huge demand.

That combined with pressures on their resources right through the supply chain of raw materials, manufacturing capacity, employment and logistics, it has put pressure on price increases and product shortages.

Also, many businesses and institutions are still not fully operational in their offices, still working remotely/from home, and have a blended rotation approach: one week in the office then 2 weeks at home.

This means there are still delays in getting information e.g., from local authorities, factors, institutions and solicitors.

That in turn causes us delays in securing accurate information not to mention many frustrations!


The Property Market Challenges

The property market in Glasgow is immensely buoyant, very busy and properties selling well above their home report value.

The market is at its highest and most robust that has been seen since 2007.

That was highlighted on our blog Your Scotland Property Market Update: May 2021 (click link to open)

For us to secure you a constant supply of off market and below market value properties in the right area with the right demand and with one of the largest capital growth areas in the UK is quite something.

Our main focus investment area Inverclyde, the annual increase was 13.9%.  the UK average of 10.2%


We have recently experienced some vendor solicitors taking longer to complete on properties.

This is because of solicitors' huge increase in business and pressures on them to react efficiently and not coping with the volume or have the systems in place either to be frank.


That makes them vulnerable to being exposed compared to the efficiency and tenacity of the solicitor we/you use.

We are more than fortunate and delighted to have Michelle as our power team solicitor and the difference that makes to getting properties completed for you.


Price Increases

As demand for building materials continues to increase combined with the supply chain shortages, prices have increased.

We have also seen a rise in the cost of shipping costs and as a result, the lack of empty shipping containers is now a challenge as we move out of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Timber has increased by 80% by January 2021.

Plaster, cement, kitchens, electrical items, as a small example, have seen increases in demand and price, despite being manufactured in the UK.

Property Supply

We have been working flat out for the last 18 months in delivering off market properties to you, despite some of the challenges mentioned.

Estate Agents have a low supply of on market properties to sell.

That makes our regular and continual supply of off market properties to you even more unique.

We have however still been working away in the background on quite a few things and have a strong pipeline of more off market properties to come through.


Yes, sometimes, not often, thankfully, there are delays or holdups in the buying process or the refurbishment of a property due to some of the challenges mentioned.

But you can be reassured everyone is working in the background all the time to minimise any delays.

As always, we ensure to keep our communication to you open, upfront and honest regarding any market information, updates and processes.

Despite the continual changes of the world today, the challenges that arise from it, there are always plenty of opportunities and positives to be gained.

We remain dedicated to what we do for you, always looking to improve where we can, and will continue to deliver our properties and services to you, to create you wealth and income.

Alliance Property Group. Making a Difference

Thank you for reading and take care.