Is Now a Good Time to Buy Property?

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With a lot of negative news headlines at the moment, is it a good time to buy property? We give you our thoughts.

5th April 2022
by Gordon Campbell

Headlines are terrible.

War, disease, and economic doom and gloom are dominant themes right now.

We investors need to see through the headlines to survive.

For instance, eventually the war in Ukraine will abate.

COVID-19 is declining and will eventually fall to the threat level of the flu… And with each wave, our treatments seem to improve.

Inflation will persist for a while.

But like in the past, we will get it under control.

Still, when uncertainty is rampant, it can be difficult to remember these things.

What About Investing Right Now?

The property market has been growing in demand and in price faster than ever before.

In the Glasgow and greater metropolitan area that we offer you properties, is one of the UK strongest markets, huge demand for rental properties.

That was explained in detail in our recent blog, open link to read,

Like every experienced property investor will tell you - the best time to get into property is as soon as you can!

In our opinion- there is never a bad time to invest in property.

The faster you start to build multiple income streams, the faster you can take control of your life and call the shots.

Buy the right property, area and demand and have the right people around you to make it happen.


That is what we are here at Alliance and to help you to do for you.

Offer you off market properties only exclusive to Alliance, at below market value, in the right area, with huge demand for rent, strong capital growth areas.

That combined with 40 years’ experience, knowledge, expertise, and a quality power team holding your hand at every stage and beyond.


The Security of Bricks and Mortar

This confidence is well-founded.

 Ultimately, property only becomes a less attractive option if investors can find a better, inflation-beating return from other assets.

That’s certainly not going to happen if you opt for a bog-standard savings account, while the stock market can be incredibly tumultuous.

Sure, you might get lucky and pinpoint the stocks on the rise, but a few poor decisions can leave you worse off.

By contrast, the prospects for the housing market remain extremely strong.

There is an underlying shortage of housing in the UK to buy and rent.

That will never change.

Professional investors rarely take such a short-term view, instead of focusing on the longer-term prospects for the property they purchase.

And on that front, bricks and mortar remain one of the most impressive assets around.




Thank you for reading.

We hope this blog has been helpful in deciding what you want to do with your buy-to-let property portfolio strategy. 

If you have not decided what to do or unsure on anything before making any purchase or have any questions you would like to ask and how can help you with our unique one stop shop offering, please feel free to get in touch with us.