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Why we offer you exclusive properties in Inverclyde area

We look at why we offer you exclusive off market properties in one of the highest house price growth areas of the UK.

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The Growing Market of The Private Rented Sector in the UK.

We look at the growing market of rented properties in the UK, especially in Glasgow and how we can help you create wealth and income in this sector.

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Is What We Do For You Easy?

We have been told what we do for our investors is easy.

Is it and how do we do it?

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Your July 2021 Market Update

We update you with the current property market, trends as well as the challanges and opportunities on offer.

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Your June 2021 Market Update

We look at the recent economic and property market and the challanges within that for us all, and the opportunities.

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Bricks and Mortar versus Other Investments

We get asked our thoughts on other investment strategies apart from property.

Here is a few thoughts for you on that.

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Your Scotland Property Market Update: May 2021

House Prices in Scotland are rising faster at 10.6% than the UK average of 10.2%.

Our main focus investment area Inverclyde, the annual increase was 13.9%.

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Economical. Political and Property Market Update: May 2021

We share a summary of the recent UK economic news, local election results and property market update for you.

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Have you heard about the KFC story?

This isn’t a direct property subject, but it does relate indirectly.

Our attitude, Mindset and approach to situations and life reflects, in my belief, to who we are and what we have in life.

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March 2021: Market and Property Price Update

Demand for property in the UK, and in Glasgow, is at a record-breaking ten-year high. How does is this effect you?

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Do You Know About This Additional 2% SDLT Surcharge in England as from 1st April 2021?

We look at the detail of the additional SDLT charge for non UK resident buyers in England and why not in Scotland.

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What Do I Need To Know and Do When I Buy a Tenanted Property from Alliance?

About 25% of the properties we sell have a sitting tenant. This blog lets you know what we do to ensure there is no issues, hassles or suprises for you.

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What Property Compliance Requirements Do I Need?

As part of the personalised , unique and hassle free service we give you, we also help you with all of the processes and compliance requirements that a landlord in Scotland is required to have in place.

Here we look at what they are and mean.

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Why Do I Need a Home Report/ Survey Report?

We look at when and why a Home Report is required when buying a property in Scotland and from Alliance Property Group.

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Our Buying and Solicitor Process: Making It Simple for You

We like to keep everything simple, easy and without any hassle for you. This explains the process for buying a property and the solicitor process.

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February 2021: UK and Glasgow Economic and Rental Market Update

We share important updates on the UK and Glasgow economy and detail on the current and forcasted rental market.

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A New Exciting Investment Opportunity for You

We offer a unique opportunity for you in 2021 for your income and wealth to jump several steps

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What Are The Economic and Property Forecasts for 2021?

We look in detail at the economic, property and rental forecasts for 2021 in the UK and Glasgow.

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December 2020 Market Update

We look in great detail at the current property market in the UK and Glasgow, Brexit and rental market. 

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Final Update and Reflection on 2020 and The Year Ahead

Here is the final update, a look back and reflection on 2020 and the year ahead.

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