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Want to Make 2022 Your Best Year Yet in Property?

Want to know how we can help you achieve your property goals with our unique and exclusive properties and service?

Then read this.

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Your Detailed Alliance Property Group Market Review: Q4 2021

We look in at the current UK economic and property market review for Q4 2021, and in detail for Glasgow.

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Who Is in Our Power Team and How They Help You? Part 2

In Part 2 of this blog we look at who is in our trusted Power Team that is here to help you.

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How Alliance Property Group and Our Power Team Help You: Part 1

In this blog we look at why and how we built a power team, and the importance of having the right team around you.

In part 2 that will be sent next week, we will share Who Is in Our Power Team?

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Having the right company structure can save you money

On this blog we look at the pros and cons of having the right the right company structure for your property business.


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EPC for landlords: how can I improve the EPC rating?

This is a follow up blog with some background to what is currently done, what can be done and what may lay ahead on how EPC ratings can be improved in properties.

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The eyes of the world are on Glasgow

The eyes of the world are on Glasgow for the next 2 weeks.

Glasgow is hosting COP26, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26).

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How Can Landlords Help Combat Climate Change?

With Glasgow on the worlds stage by hosting the UN COP26 starting this week, we look at how landlords can help with climate change and the challanges and opportunities ahead.

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Should I Allow Pets in My Rented Property?

We look at the positives and negatives for you in allowing pets in your rented property.

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The Booming Rental Market in Glasgow – You Want to Be Part of It With Us?

We look at the continued booming property rental sector in Glasgow, the reasons for it and how you can be part of it with us.

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What is The Difference In The Property Market Between Scotland and England?

We get asked this regularly and is a very important fact to consider when purchasing and planning your investment strategy to know of the important differences and advantages.

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Alliance Property Group Market Review; Q3 2021

Has Covid adversely affected the property market in Glasgow?

Absolutely no, quite the opposite! It is booming!

We look in detail at why that is the case, the latest economic and property data and what are the forecasts.

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Why we offer you exclusive properties in Inverclyde area

We look at why we offer you exclusive off market properties in one of the highest house price growth areas of the UK.

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How Does Alliance Property Group Get Off Market Properties for You?

We are regularly asked about how we get our off market, unique and exclusive value properties for you. So here's the answer....

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The Growing Market of The Private Rented Sector in the UK.

We look at the growing market of rented properties in the UK, especially in Glasgow and how we can help you create wealth and income in this sector.

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Is What We Do For You Easy?

We have been told what we do for our investors is easy.

Is it and how do we do it?

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Your July 2021 Market Update

We update you with the current property market, trends as well as the challanges and opportunities on offer.

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Your June 2021 Market Update

We look at the recent economic and property market and the challanges within that for us all, and the opportunities.

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Bricks and Mortar versus Other Investments

We get asked our thoughts on other investment strategies apart from property.

Here is a few thoughts for you on that.

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Your Scotland Property Market Update: May 2021

House Prices in Scotland are rising faster at 10.6% than the UK average of 10.2%.

Our main focus investment area Inverclyde, the annual increase was 13.9%.

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